The Damien James Shea Foundation
The Damien James Shea Foundation's mission is to recognize and reward
a high school student's character and strength for surviving tough times.

Your generous donation makes it easier.

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The Damien James Shea Foundation was established to recognize high school students who found the strength of character to continue working on their academics when overwhelmed by personal issues and/or tragedy during the school year. It is a monetary reward not for academic excellence but for perseverance.

High school students are nominated for this award by their counselors and teachers who best recognize the kind of personal strength these students developed in order to complete their academic obligations for that school year. The student is given a cash gift, with no strings attached, at the end of the school year by the Foundation.

General Information   
The Foundation was begun informally at the request of Damien James Shea who at 24 died from complications from multiple sclerosis in 2003. He wanted what money he had from his savings and the sale of his car to be given in this way to students at his high school, DeMatha Catholic High School. Since 2005, the Damien James Shea Award has been doing just that.

In 2011, the family has incorporated the Foundation and applied for non-profit status in order to widen the giving-circle to other schools and more students.

Life isn't fair, and it is particularly not so when a young person has to deal with a grevious illness or a family tragedy. The Damien James Shea Award is just a small way to let a person (one who is trying to come to terms with more than he should have to!) know that it's okay. He isn't alone.

To date, award gifts are for $300 to $350 cash.

Damien James Shea Foundation, 401 Beech Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912